Rebuilding communities through music

Jazzin' the Park Productions' social enterprise project, KA*BOM, is an international partnership between the UK and Ghana which aims to redistribute the wealth created from the trade of vintage West African records and tapes back to Africa.


The KaBom Project

KaBom is a non-profit community project created by Jazzin’ The Park Productions, to help redistribute wealth from the trade of African vinyl records and cassettes, alongside Improving access to established markets for new participants.

The aim are to preserve West African music via vinyl records and cassette tape formats spanning from the fifties to the eighties, and in turn increase access to this music, wealth creation and sustainable employment, through innovative enterprises and initiatives utilising technology and global networks. Kabom also aims to develop infrastructure and facilitate increased connectivity and access to digital technology.

KaBom means ‘Connect’ in Twi. Twi is a dialect of the Akan language spoken in Southern and Central Ghana by several million people. Our logo is designed with a very strong symbolic meaning in mind and we feel that this is a very important part of our philosophy going forwards with this proje

The KaBom logo is created using traditional Ghanaian symbols of life and prosperity. The larger symbol in Twi is called Funtunfunefu-Denkyemfunefu (Siamese Crocodiles) and is a symbol of democracy, unity and diversity.  It can be invoked to remind us of the usefulness of compromise and the uselessness of fighting. The smaller symbol is Donno Ntoaso (Talking Drum) means communication through music. For the Akan people in the Asante
land of Ghana, the symbol of the talking drum is poetic excellence and goodwill. It can also be used to send praises and goodwill to the people of 
the community.

KaBom Records Online Shop

KaBom Records has it’s own global community Discogs page (part of Jazzin’ The Park Productions page) with listings of all our imported vinyl 45’s, LP’s and Cassettes, direct from Cape Coast region, that can be purchased you the collector! The music spans the decades of the 70’s and 80’s mainly, and some of these hi-life tunes are so rare there are no samples to be found on the worldwide web! So you can’t even Shazam it! We know this will make the music more collectable and desirable to the masses, and in turn will hopefully generate profits to return to Ghana and the communities we reach out to.


Recent vinyl imports from Ghana

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