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Jazzin' the Park is a free live music event that brings together diversity and community through music and art. Situated in the beautiful surroundings of Winckley Square, Preston, our event is part of The Preston Jazz & Improvisational Festival and takes place annually.


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Jazzin’ The Park Productions is a non-profit organisation bringing together people and communities through music. The Jazzin’ The Park team was formed by a collective of Djs and friends residing in the Preston area, with a passion for music and vinyl records. The philosophy has always stayed the same, to share great quality music, to the people, for pure listening pleasure!

Music is universal. People laugh, cry, celebrate, praise, commemorate to the soundtrack of music the world over. We dance together. We sing together. We come together.

This is why Jazzin’ the Park Production sees music as the perfect way to promote strong and unified communities, who celebrate their commonalities and differences. Plus, we love it!!!

We love Soul, House, Hip-Hop, Latin, D’n’B, Electronica, Funk, African, Broken Beat, Reggae, Bass, Disco, Techno, etc. etc. etc. 

And of course, we love JAZZ!

Jazzin' The Park 2021 online rewind

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    Jazzin' The Park 2023

    Finale to Preston Jazz & Improvisational Festival

    Winckley Square Preston

    01:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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